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We started 5th Avenue Fido because our dogs are members of the family and we wanted a place where we would be comfortable leaving our “furry” kids.


We are a high touch environment where the dogs have a lot of interaction all day long with staff and other dogs- either playing in the play yards or spending some cuddle time in our Quiet Room

Every dog is treated as an individual with unique needs.  Some need to be slowly introduced to socialization, while others jump right in to the high level play. We have separate play areas for different sizes or play styles. Staff members are always there to manage play and give needed cuddles or breaks. We pay attention to favorite playmates and play groups. Many outdoor potty breaks are given during the day.

Once your dog experiences the fun of daycare, boarding is a breeze.  We require a day in daycare prior to boarding to familiarize your dog with our fun environment. Our dogs sleep in a 48 sq foot bedroom-like themed cottage with tile floors and raised beds. Bring your dog's bed or blanket to make him most comfortable.


5th Avenue Fido, Where All Dogs Feel At Home



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To say that Sasha LOVES going to Fifth Avenue Fido is a huge understatement. She is a Miniature Australian Shepherd who needs lots of activity and mental stimulation. When we pull into the parking lot, she gets so excited – she can’t wait to see her people and doggie friends. Her motto is “play hard or go home” and she always has “big fun” at FAF.  When Mom or Dad pick her up at the end of the day she is tired and happy which means a lot because at the end of a work day Mom and Dad are tired, too. So everyone collapses and is happy, happy, happy.


We’ve had many treasured canine family members over the years, but never really focused on their socialization with other dogs or people. As a result, most were either very shy or too assertive which made us nervous when we had guests in our home or took them out of the house. Sasha has learned to love new friends of any type and we credit the team at Fido for this. Linda also  worked with us to train Sasha on basics when she was a pup – it wasn’t “work” to Sasha because Linda made it fun.


We trust Fifth Avenue Fido to provide a safe, clean, and fun home away from home for Sasha. In fact, Mom and Dad are thinking about checking themselves in for a day and letting Sasha go to work instead (the 11-2 nap time is very appealing). We recommend FAF to everyone!


Mark & Sherryl Nufer

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