Luxury Boarding for your Dog

At 5th Avenue Fido, you will not find traditional kennels or cages, we have luxury cottages. We designed these 6’ x 8’ cottages with ceramic tile floors and solid walls to resemble a room at home. Each cottage has a raised bed with a blanket. You can also bring whatever your dog sleeps on at home (other than your bed, of course) to make your dog feel most comfortable.

These cottages, however, are only used for eating and sleeping. Most of your dog’s day will be spent in group play in one of our indoor play areas socializing with other dogs and staff members.   Playtime is managed and with appropriately matched dogs. Private play is also available if your dog prefers one on one play with a staff member. We also have our Quiet Room with a couch and dog beds if your dog likes a quiet day, where he can watch all the action. Keeping your dog active and social gives them less time to miss you and tires them out so they get a good night’s sleep.

Our boarding rates at 5th Avenue Fido are all inclusive. Playtime, staff attention, special diets and meds are all included at no extra charge.  We require you to bring your dog’s own food and treats to keep your dog eating well and to prevent digestive issues.

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Voted Best Groomer

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