Day Care

We all live busy lives with not enough hours in a day.  We love our dogs and want to give them the best and want them to be happy.  It's hard to make this all work. 

Let your dog fill his day with much needed exercise and socialization rather than spending every day home alone waiting for you.  Social interactions contribute to health and happiness which in turn helps keep your dog safe and behave properly in your home.  It helps prevent normal expressions of boredom or lack of exercise such as barking, chewing or destructive behavior.  And once you get home your dog is calm, allowing you to unwind from your hectic day, without any guilt since your dog is tired and happy.

At 5th Avenue Fido (Fido), our daycare is indoor play with many outdoor potty breaks as well as a required nap time.  Your dog will be matched with appropriate play buddies and play is always managed by a staff member to keep him safe and happy.  We will ease your dog into daycare based on his background, age and play style.  We have separate play areas to allow us to manage playgroups.  Small playgroups will not overwhelm your dog and will allow lots of staff attention.  We also monitor your dog, giving breaks or changing play groups as necessary throughout the day.

Naps are taken in our individual cottages or quiet room.  These are the same cottages that are used for overnight boarding, so daycare dogs transition well as they have already spent time in the cottage.  Our dogs associate Fido with a fun place to be, so it is not unusual for your dog to pull you in the door and head straight for the play areas, relieving you of any guilt you have with leaving your dog.

Daycare also offers the benefit of socialization with other dogs as well as our staff.  As a result, your dog will have more positive responses to other dogs when he encounters them outside of Fido.  

Daycare is also very helpful in minimizing separation anxiety.  If you spend most every day with your dog, it can be traumatic when you do need to leave him.  Bringing him even one day a week will help him understand that you will return each time you leave.  He will also get to know some dogs who come on a regular basis, as well as our staff.    

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Schedule a bath or groom on a daycare day 

and pay only 1/2 day charge for your daycare.



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