Get your dog looking his best by our certified groomer, Rebecca.  Our full service grooming is available weekly Tuesday thru Saturday.  Baths or nail trims can be done during nap time while your dog attends daycare or before you pick up your dog from boarding.

During your first groom appointment, you will speak to our groomer, so she understands what you want or can make suggestions or answer any questions you may have. She keeps notes on what was done to reference for future visits. 

Your dog will get a bath with a mini massage in the tub with professional shampoo free of parafens and dyes, and oatmeal is available for sensitive skin. Nail trim and ear cleaning are included with all baths and grooms. We also offer nail buffing, de-shedding and teeth brushing for an extra charge.

Your puppy’s first groom can be very scary. Our groomer will ease your dog into grooming by offering a “puppy cut” service. She will introduce the tub, dryers, clippers, etc and only do what she can without traumatizing your dog.

Pricing varies by size and breed of dog, as well as condition of coat. We can give an estimate when making an appointment, but the groomer will give you a better idea after meeting your dog.



Schedule a bath or groom on a daycare day

and pay only $20 for your daycare.

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Voted Best Kennel & Groomer

in Cranberry!

Voted Best Groomer

in Cranberry!

Voted Best Kennel

in Cranberry!


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