Training Philosophy - Responsibility, Relationship, Respect

We owe it to our dogs to provide guidance and clear expectations of how we need them to behave to be accepted members of our family. This is done through good communication and commitment on our part. Patience and consistency are key. Too many times, we as pet parents, expect our dogs to understand what we want from them without understanding how we need to effectively communicate with them.

Dogs are social , pack animals and this is what allows us to have such a good relationship with them. It is our responsibility to work on our communication skills, ensuring their success. Our training approach uses a dog’s inherent need to be accepted by the pack, and teaching the humans to be effective leaders.

All training is done in a calm, consistent manner with no force or harsh correction. We teach you to motivate your dog using different pressures ( light leash, social, & spatial) and positive reinforcement. Once you and your dog learn to work as a team, the possibilities are endless.

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Voted Best Kennel & Groomer

in Cranberry!

Voted Best Kennel

in Cranberry!


Voted Best Groomer

in Cranberry!

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